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Office Hours for the School Year:
7:00 am - 3:30 pm
Summer Office Hours: Vary


Admission Prices for Games:
   $6 Adults
   $4 Students and Senior Citizens
   $50 for a Season Pass

Activities Schedules and Directions to Event Locations are available on the
Suburban East Conference
web site.

Potential Division I or Division II Student Athletes Please click here




It is the intent of the Roseville Area Schools to offer all students an opportunity to participate in activities regardless of their ability to pay.

The policy regarding reduced/free students is: Free lunch students activity fees are one free per trimester. Reduced students pay half of the activity fee.

Due to the Data privacy Act, parents must inform the Athletic Office if they qualify. Students or families with other financial difficulties should contact the School Activities Director to discuss reduced or waived fees.

Contact RAHS Activities Staff:
Jeff Whisler - Director 651-604-1475
Mike Flatten - Assistant to the Director 651-604-1469
Kim Dean - Administrative Assistant 651-635-1670
Megan Ness - Equipment Manager 651-635-1660 xt. 3101
Kris Elfstrom- Activities Coordinator 651 635-1683

Contact RAMS/Parkview Activities Staff:
Mike Holmes - Director 651-482-5290
Cindy Amadick - Secretary 651-482-5290
Beth Willinger - Parkview Contact 651-487-4360

Student Involvement at
Roseville Area High School

Activity and Club List/Advisors 2013-2014


Activity Name Season Schedule Advisor(s) - Click on Name to send E-mail
623 Productions Year   Wayne Powers
Adaptive Floor Hockey Winter   Kim Dean
Adaptive Soccer Fall   Kim Dean
Adaptive Softball Spring   Kim Dean
African American Leaders Year Multiple Levels Tony Anderson
Alpine Skiing - B/G

State Tournament:
February 12, 2014
Winter Multiple Levels Tony Reding
Anime Club Year   Jane Aguilar
Authors' Anonymous Year   Ira Sanders

State Tournament
June 12-13, 2014
Spring Multiple Levels Mike Ponsolle
Basketball - Boys

State Tournament:
March 10-22. 2014
Winter Multiple Levels Ted Critchley
Basketball - Girls

State Tournament:
March 12-15. 2014
Winter Multiple Levels Jeff Crosby
Bowling Team Year   Nick Hartle
Brass Quintet Year   Matt Dehnel
Break Dance Club Year   Mike Flatten
Cello Choir Year   Chris Jannings
Chamber Orchestra Year   Chris Jannings
Chess Club Year   Karl Roe
Competition Cheerleading

Sideline Cheer
Fall/Winter Multiple Levels Annie Nigg
Competitive Dance Team

State Tournament:
February 14-15, 2014
Winter   Brittany Rehling
Cross-Country Running - Boys

State Tournament:
November 2, 2013
Fall   Brian Bailey
Cross-Country Running - Girls

State Tournament:
November 2, 2013
Fall Multiple Levels Mary Schifsky

State Tournament:
January 17-18, 2014
Winter   Gregg Martinson
D.E.C.A. Year   Charles Hall
Travis Birklid
Disc Golf Year   Trevor Boehne
Drama Fall
Multiple Levels Vienna Crosby
Sam Tanner
Earth Group Year   Pierre MacGillis
Fall Dance Team Fall Multiple Levels Erin Kruesi
Fencing Club Year Multiple Levels Matt Dehnel
Flute Choir Year   Matt Dehnel
Food Shelf Year Multiple Levels Shaween Lawrence
Future Problem Solvers Year   Jon Friedman


State Tournament:
November 7-9, 14-16, 29-30,


Fall Multiple Levels Chris Simdorn
Golf - Boys

State Tournament:
June 10-11, 2014
Spring Varsity Paul Spetlz
Gamers' Union Year   Phil Glover
Gay/Straight Alliance Year   Charity Przepiora
Golf - Girls

State Tournament:
June 10-11, 2014
Spring   Korky Heinen
Paula Buie
Good 'Pellas Choir Year   Jami Lercher
Gymnastics - Girls

State Tournament:
February 21-22, 2014
Winter Multiple Levels Mike Flatten
Mark Curley
Hearts Against Hunger Year   David Brooks
Hockey - Boys

State Tournament:
March 5-8, 2014
Winter Multiple Levels Ryan Adams
Hockey - Girls

State Tournament:
February 19-22, 2014
Winter Multiple Levels Vic Brodt
IM Volleyball Year   Deb Crandall
Amanda Markham
International Club Year Multiple Levels Christy Poppe
Japanese Club Year Multiple Levels Kenneth Thomas
Jazz Band I Year   Pat Moriarty
Jazz Band II Year   Pat Moriarty
Jazz Band III Year   Pat Moriarty
Karen Club Year   Chelsea Froemming
Latino Club Year Multiple Levels Holly Comer-Young
Lacrosse - Boys

State Tournament:
June 10-13, 2014
Spring Multiple Levels Jeffrey Kohoutek
Lacrosse - Girls

State Tournament:
June 10-13, 2014
Spring Multiple Levels Sonja Hoffman
Math Team Year Multiple Levels Trevor Boehne
Morning Choir Year   Jami Lercher
NHS (National Honor Society) Year Multiple Levels Emily Riebel
Varsha Leiseth
Nordic Ski Team - B/G

State Tournament:
February 13, 2014
Winter Multiple Levels Doug White
Outdoor Club Year   Pierre MacGillis
Peb Haiv Year Multiple Levels Krista Clercx
Cheng Xiong
Peer Connections Year Multiple Levels Beth VanGilder
Lynn Anderson
Becky Hall
Percussion Ensemble Year   Joe Churchich
Prom Committee Year Multiple Levels Mike Flatten
Quiz/Knowledge Bowl Year   Ira Sanders
RADD Year   Brian Bossany
Robotics Team Year Multiple Levels Mike Bagstad
Tom Lageson
School Newspaper Year   Steven Bekemeyer
Science Club Year   Lauren Kraemer
Secular Student Alliance Year   Charity Przepiora
Skills USA Year   Peggy Finnegan

State Tournament:
October 28-29, 31, 2013
Fall Multiple Levels Agapatos Papagapitos
Soccer - Girls

State Tournament:
October 28-29, 31, 2013
Fall Multiple Levels

Jose Canas

State Tournament:
June 5-6. 2014
Spring Multiple Levels Julie Standering

State Tournament:
April 11-12, 2014
Winter   Jodi Kyllonen
STAND Year Multiple Levels Ira Sanders
String Quartet Year   Chris Jannings
Student Council Year Multiple Levels Concetta Smith
Korky Heinen
Students Advocating Gender Equality (SAGE) Year   Kathleen Kerr
Students in Action Year Multiple Levels Derek Wilson
Vanessa Maki
Swimming and Diving - Boys

State Tournament:
February 27-March 1, 2014
Winter Multiple Levels Michael Richards
Swimming and Diving - Girls

State Tournament:
November 14-16, 2013
Fall Multiple Levels
Michael Richards
Tennis - Boys

State Tournament:
June 3-6, 2014
Spring Multiple Levels
Lee Thao
Tennis - Girls

State Tournament:
October 22-25, 2013
Fall Multiple Levels TBD
Track and Field - Boys

State Tournament:
June 6-7, 2014
Spring Multiple levels Brian Bailey
Track and Field - Girls

State Tournament:
June 6-7, 2014
Spring Multiple levels Greg Ueland
Ultimate Frisbee Year Multiple Levels David Melvin
Robert Anderson

State Tournament:
November 7-9, 2014
Fall Multiple levels Greg Ueland
VOX - Jazz Choir Year   Jami Lercher
Weightlifting Year   Chris Simdorn
Wind Ensemble Year   Matt Dehnel
Woodwind Quintet Year   Matt Dehnel

State Tournament:
February 27-March 1, 2014
Year Multiple Levels Michael Holmes
Yearbook Year   Brittany Stahlman